5 Reasons Why People Are Immigrating to Canada

Canada is known for its multiculturalism and has been welcoming foreign immigrants for years. With multiple Canadian Immigration programs available, such as super visas, study permits, and work permits, Canada provides ample opportunity for individuals to immigrate to Canada.

Now, because many people around the world want to improve their quality of life, these various opportunities, along with many other programs offered by the Canadian government, make Canada a popular country of choice for immigrants.

Deciding to move to a different country is a big decision and not a decision that most people make lightly. Most people find peace and comfort in their homeland and moving means leaving behind what is familiar. Yet thousands of individuals make this move yearly.

Did you know that according to Statistics Canada, 437,180 immigrants were accepted into the country in 2022? That means Canada exceeded its target goal of accepting 431,645 immigrants into the country by welcoming an additional 5,535 immigrants to live their dream of studying, working, or immigrating to the True North.

Some of the most common reasons why people from around the world are choosing to immigrate to Canada include:


Family & Friends

Often those abroad already have family members and friends who are currently living in Canada and wish to join them abroad. Whether to visit or stay, the hope is to reunite with their loved ones.



Canada’s elite education is recognized by many countries around the globe. With this, foreign nationals often seek to complete their studies in Canada. Even after graduation, the option to continue working in the country is there.



Canada’s workforce is made up mostly of immigrants, and people around the world know that employment opportunities are always waiting for them in Canada. With the promise of work and better wages, immigrating to Canada is an obvious choice for most. The Canadian government offers several schemes to allow foreigners to work in Canada, whether it’s for a temporary period, or for a more permanent move.


Standard of Living

Health care is a challenge in many countries, and Canada offers a top-quality universal health care system, this can be a major factor for a lot of people deciding to immigrate to Canada.



Unfortunately, safety often plays a role in decision-making for a lot of immigrants. Canada is generally a safe and welcoming country, with some of the lowest crime rates in the world to reflect this, it’s safe to say immigrants seek out this peaceful living environment.


In addition to the reasons stated above, conversations with AG Group Enterprise Inc.‘s immigration team, RCIC Mahendra Kumar and Director of Immigration Mercedes Carreno, revealed a common trend. Individuals inquiring about Immigrating to Canada were mainly interested in improving their lives. As a result, they chose Canada.

AG Group’s Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Mahendra Kumar says, “The first thing everybody talks about is quality of life.”

Mahendra also notes that many people strive to improve their lives with the opportunities Canada provides. For example, Mahendra says “parents seek educational opportunities for their children, while others may seek opportunity for better employment with greater income.”  In support of this, AG Group’s Director of Immigration, Mercedes Carreno, confirms that most Canadian immigration inquiries received by AG Group are from people interested in employment and education opportunities. Mercedes says “Some people across sea’s don’t have the same opportunity they would in Canada to obtain a wage that can sustain their lives. So, with that, they seek out employment opportunities abroad, and because Canada offers programs like PNP (Provincial Nominee Programs) and open or closed work permits, they hope to immigrate to Canada on one of these, and we can help them in this process.”

The Canadian government’s plan to welcome more immigrants remains steady, intending to have an extra 465,000 immigrants by 2023. So, while the decision may seem like a difficult one, it becomes an easy one for many immigrants who can see the benefits Canada has to offer, thus choosing to immigrate to Canada. AG Group helps individuals navigate the tricky process of applying to immigrate, check out our Immigration Checklists for easy-to-follow guidance.

To learn more about immigrating to Canada, book a free consultation with one of our agents, or read our ‘5 Best Ways to Immigrate to Canada’ blog.

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